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Young man Ishida, who became the protagonist of the series Sapuri, a long time trying to find a job. He has repeatedly passed all sorts of interviews, but something in it is constantly not satisfied with the fastidious leadership. Fate gives him the opportunity to once again try his luck at the next place. He's on his way to the office to meet with his supervisor, but then he realizes he lost his cell phone. To do without it, is out of the question. He's like no hands left. Then he tries to call his own number, hoping that the one who found the phone will return it to the owner as soon as possible. The same morning goes to work the girl is Mine.Sitting in a subway car, she's all in the dreams of those places where she once managed to visit on vacation. Mine works at an advertising Agency, but because of imagination and fantasy to it not to occupy. Suddenly she was aware that beside her insistently ringing phone. Only judging by the ringtone, it's not her cell phone. Mine to find, finally, a source of annoyance, lifted the receiver and heard the agitated voice of a boy. He desperately asks her to return the phone at the next station. Mine hurry, of course, urgent cases, refuses. Not just imagined it, after a few minutes she will fateful meeting with the young man under the Billboard.