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  • Drama
The main character of the TV series – Surey – a beautiful, intelligent girl who most of all in this world appreciates its independence. She grew up an orphan, used to work hard and support their entire foster family on their own. One day the beauty meets a charming businessman named Farouk. This is true love at first sight. Between them tied a hot romance that leads to marriage and marriage. Our heroine moves to live with her husband in his hometown – Bursa. So begins the real test for the feelings of the newlyweds. The fact is that here Surey will get along with her mother-in-law, who has an unbearable character, a nasty daughter-in-law, constantly trying in any way to substitute the girl, and unbearable brothers-in-law. Moreover, Faruq though, and tries to adhere to modern views, but traditionally believed that a woman's place is at home, the family hearth, which rejects active spouse... Meanwhile, around their barely formed families already have real enemies, with whom Farouk will relentlessly fight to protect their happiness and honor. Will the lovers be able to go through all the trials and prove that they are worthy of the feeling that fate gave them…

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