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We offer to viewing the mini-series tells the adventures of a brave knight, who his duty to have elected the service of the English crown. When in England of the period of XI century there are sad events, the son of Cedric Sachs returns home in order to rescue from captivity the true heir to the throne – Richard the Lionheart. At that time the throne was occupied by the usurper John, but nothing should prevent the warrior to restore justice in their native lands.The main character of the presented picture represents all the qualities that a real knight should have: nobility, courage, faith in justice. Throughout the time, the noble sir to fight with the traitors and servants of king John, will find his beloved and will not only be a faithful servant, but also a good friend to Richard.The presented picture was released on the world screens in 1997 thanks to the joint work of American and English cinema. The creators of the film project turned out to almost fully comply with the canons of events that took place in ancient England, for which they expressed gratitude to thousands of viewers."Ivanhoe" is highly recommended for viewing to all those who love the classic film news about the adventures of brave knights.

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