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The main character of the series had to go through a lot of shocks in recent months. It all began at the moment when she came to her gynecologist. A nervous female doctor made an unfortunate mistake that resulted in Jane's unplanned pregnancy. And the most ironic thing in this-she never even had sex with a man, because my grandmother brought up the heroine of the series "Virgin" in all Puritan canons. After this incident, the girl's life began to change dramatically. There were complications in the relationship with her fiance, which ended in their separation. For some time, the heroine was with Raphael – his school love and biological father of the baby MATEO, but then they broke up. After all, the ex-wife of the guy found a way to return it, deciding on artificial insemination. Fortunately, on the personal front, Jane's all better – she went back to her fiance Michael, who never ceased to love her. By the beginning of season 3, the guys even managed to get married, although they were not allowed to fully enjoy the moment – Michael's partner entered the hotel, which, as it turned out, was actually the same criminal rose, who had been running from the police for three seasons. When he understood, he tried to hold her, but the woman shot him in the chest ... it Seems that now the happy end of the story is out of the question.

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