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Before us is one of the representatives of the "era of Brazilian TV series." Moreover, the film "in the name of love" is perhaps the best of the other "colleagues". The plot is so fascinating that it is impossible to break away from it... so, events begin in ill-fated night in one of city maternity hospitals. Here mother and daughter are preparing for childbirth. Ironically, it happened that they had to give birth at the same time. That's just after giving birth happens to be terrible – the young mothers a child dies. Her mother will be the first to know. And later the woman becomes aware that the now barren daughter - then she decided on a desperate step. Elena wants her daughter to be able to feel the joy of her mother's feelings at least once in her life, so she exchanges their children, giving Edward a unique chance and completely ruining her own destiny. What will this touching story lead to in the end? And if Elena all my life to hide from the girl the terrible truth?

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