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At the heart of Jesse's turbulent life are men. In the first place, of course, her little ten year old son Little John (Eric Lloyd). Your ever-grumpy father, John Sr. (George Dzundza) is the owner of "Bayern Bar", is served in the Dirndl and ensure steins and cuckoo clocks for the necessary flair. The quirky bar owner with a little reactionary views can not and suffer no one, least of all the admirers of his daughter. Her two brothers are a little strange: the long-haired John Jr. (John Lehr) decided on philosophical grounds, not a word to say until he has found a more effective way to use the language, and the charming golden boy Darren (David DeLuise ) is chronically broke, but has always been a "sure-fire business" going. Jesse is the beating heart of their awful nice, but a little stuffy family. Between parenting, nurse training and job waiter Jesse dreams of a normal life with her son and a nice man.    Jesse's brother Darren is always charming, always broke and chasing "surefire business idea" behind. Jesse bear all responsibility for the family solely on their shoulders and would also like to realize their dream of an uncomplicated romance and training as a nurse. Further support in her turbulent life she gets it from her also working as a waitress high school girlfriend Linda.    For further swirl in the families of the hot-blooded Diego, the next moves into the house and soon occupies an important place in Jesse's emotional life provides. Unfortunately, her father John Warner Sen. strongly believes that Diego is not the right man for his daughter. He tries to disrupt the relationship between the two, where he can. But that's not all: Jesse's life is complicated further by the regular appearance of her ex-husband, who repeatedly tried to recover it and the rest of the family.

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