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The ingenious screen version of the biblical story about the life of Jesus captures the viewer's attention from the first moments and does not let go until the final credits appear on the screen. The film tells about the earthly life of Christ from the moment when the virgin learned about her great destiny, and to the day of ascension. In the small town of Nazareth in Israel lived a widower Joseph and his children. He was a pious man, he was respected for his hard work and nobility. One day Anna came to him and shared her concern about her daughter's fate. The woman feels the approach of death and worries that her girl will remain completely defenseless. They hit on the hands and announced the engagement, the wedding is to be held in a year.At night Anna awoke from the bright light. Shocked Mary said that an angel appeared to her and said she was destined to become the immaculate bride of the Lord.About his position Mary tells Joseph, he is no longer a simple man, and the chosen one. A man in confusion, he does not believe and requires Anna to terminate the engagement, and he goes for advice to the Rabbi. By law, a woman who has sinned with another is stoned outside the city walls. Enough to write a paper and to abdicate. In a nightmare, Joseph sees stones thrown at his fragile bride. He can't embarrass her.From heaven a voice calls out to him:"do not be afraid to marry Mary."

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