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There is no country in the world that has had more presidents in its history than the United States. The presented film will tell the audience the story of one of the most important people who stood at the origins of the education of modern America. John Adams was and remains a famous figure who made a huge contribution to the formation of an independent state and fought for the separation of States from the UK.The plot of the mini-series of the same name will affect the first 50 years of America's existence as an independent country. Of course, the first President was not John, but in 1797 the citizens chose him as the first person. Together with his beloved wife named Abigail, the former Vice President founded a whole dynasty of politicians who enjoyed great popularity among the people. Quincy's son, following his father's example, also went to the election campaign as soon as a suitable opportunity appeared, and became the sixth leader of the United States.In General, if you are a fan of the history of the formation of the States, this film will reveal to you the fascinating history of a memorable person. Mr. Adams was admired by many, but, as elsewhere, there were detractors who dreamed of his failure.

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