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American TV series"Jonas Brothers" is an interesting story based on real events. You will learn a lot about the life of this popular musical group, which included three brothers named Jonas: Kevin, Joe and Nick. Each of them has its own character, advantages and disadvantages, which are their features. For example, the older Kevin is very positive and good-natured character, he is gullible and naive. The average Nick is serious and smart, in various situations, even difficult, he will always find a way out, it is a kind of brain center of this small family. And, finally, John very romantic and often commit unpredictable actions.But this movie goes just about musical theme, their creativity and performances. Among the main characters are two girls: Stella and Macy, who are old friends of the guys. The first knows them for many years, practically since the childhood, and the second – their big fan. Stella and Joe have a complex relationship, he is secretly in love with her, and it's a mystery even for him, and he with her then quarrel, then reconciled. The fact that it is the production of Disney, noticeable from the beginning. You can watch the series with the whole family, listen to the songs of this pop group, worry about their relationship with each other and with the girls. There are a lot of fun jokes, and the role of Jonas Brothers they perform themselves, so that the plot, we can say, is in the course of filming. With regard to acting these guys, they were not required to play dramatic characters, and with a light family Comedy they coped with it.

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