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  • Comedy
The series "Guardian Angel" tells the story of a small manor Angelovo where two families live. Professor Angel has three daughters. He dreams that his family grew smart, beautiful and successful. Lida, Vera and Nadia try to be reasonable and listen to his father. The nearby farmer Timothy Kondratieff family, the man who brought up three sons. Those, of course, between the actors could be relationships, but the sad events of the seventeenth year of the last century left powerful and influential families without their own chapters. Children have decided to start a new life with a clean slate. They are ready to go there, aimlessly, to start all over again. Someone will be in Paris, where it will absorb the intricacies and peculiarities of life in Europe, and someone will have to settle for a place in the Gulag, which, of course, will be the cause for declaring war against the government and the beginning of the struggle for freedom and their own happiness. In Angelova and Kondratyevs replaced by generation after another. The fate of members of these families are varied and surprising, but sometimes fate brings them together to recall the past, so that children do not repeat the mistakes of parents.