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  • Crime
With Josephine click nobody creates so fast: The Crime Commissioner is not only an excellent legal guardian, but could even otherwise make a name - for example, most recently as a successful candidate of the Olympics. The biggest challenge of her life but expects Josephine only when she decides to leave Bielefeld and start a new life in Berlin. However, the start of the German capital finds it anything but easy.    Not least are its two new colleagues, Fritz Munro and Alexander Mahler, very little of the female presence in their team enthusiastically. But where most people would have raised the white flag, Josephine developed a tireless ambition thanks to their self-confident and goal-oriented setting. Over time, remember Fritz and Alexander that they underestimated her colleague - especially since there is no case, with the Josephine is not finished.    Main characters of Josephine click - Alone among cops    Josephine click (Diana Amft) comes from the country and now has to find his way as a village child in Berlin. However, thanks to its quick-witted, eloquent and unerring way that's not a problem for them, although they can not deny some initial difficulties in getting used to the city life.    Fritz Munro (Matthias Faust) works as a detective chief in Berlin and has been separated from his wife recently. Left to him is his seven-year-old son Ben, but he rarely gets to see. Of women he has had enough - and then Josephine enters his life.    Alexander Mahler (Alexander Khuon) can fortunate in contrast to his colleague and best friend in his family that everything runs smoothly. Although he is actually a quiet person, there are many things that annoy Alexander. Josephine's solo efforts include, for example, to do so. (MH)

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