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The television documentary and educational film project of Craig Lauterbach"Jurassic Wars", dedicated to the age of dinosaurs, was created with the assistance of highly qualified specialists and scientists. Thanks to the efforts of scientists husbands faceless fossils on the screen turn into a sleep-revived bogeymen, who became the first fighters in the history of the universe. Huge Supreme predators in his time, suggestive awe on all living things.Thanks to the findings of paleontologists and the latest methods of criminology, experts manage to recreate the ancient martial skills of dinosaurs. This is the very first war aimed at defeating the opponent, common in the Jurassic period.The action takes place on two proto — continents-Gondwana and Laurasia, which are in the process of destruction. All animals develop, adapting to the rapidly changing world. The relief of Gondwana is rapidly changing under the influence of volcanic activity-it is divided, forming Africa, South America, the Indian subcontinent, in the process of separation of which is formed Madagascar. It is here, on the island covered with wild vegetation, with severe weather changes, dinosaurs turn into enemies and desperately fight for survival.The viewer is given the opportunity in each series to witness the spectacular battles of the huge lizards that existed many millions of years ago on planet Earth. Living colossal giant are hunting for prey, for which they fight to the death. Who won today, tomorrow could be dinner for a stronger brother...

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