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In the US comedy series The Mysterious Cookbook (OT: Just Add Magic) is about the girl Kelly Quinn and her two best friends Darbie and Hannah who stumble in the attic on a mysterious cookbook Kellys grandmother. After the recipes are not only delicious cakes can conjure, but also heal injured ankle or get annoying little brothers to silence.    So, for example, called one of the recipes "Shut'em Up Shortcake", while the other is called "Healing Hazelnut Tart". Kelly, Darbie and Hannah can not wait to try out the curious goodies - but then falls to them that they need some strange ingredients to prepare. In the cookbook is "thyme Taurian" from "Cedronian vanilla" and the speech. Where did all over the world, the three girls get all these things? But Kelly, Darbie and Hannah have a plan and before she provided sichs, the first cake is already in the oven.    Annoyingly schnabuliert Kelly's little brother a piece of the cake and it leaves him speechless - literally! Not a word comes out of his mouth, Darbie talks all the more. Now it's up to Kelly and Hannah find out what secret actually hiding behind the cookbook Kellys grandmother.    Main characters of The mysterious Cookbook Kelly (Olivia Sanabia) Kelly is a young girl who always starts curious and cheerful in their day. In the attic of the family home she finds a magical cookbook, which comes from her grandmother.    Darbie (Abby Donnelly) belongs to Hannah to the circle of Kelly's best friends. Together, the three girls go through thick and thin. There are on that they would not engage any adventure.    Hannah (Aubrey K. Miller) is - just like Darbie - literally moved in with Kelly. Around the clock hanging the three girls together around and share all a great passion for cooking. (MH)

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