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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Documentary
Four stories. Each has its own tragedy, one of the family members is going to brutally avenge the death of loved ones. Will they be able to live with it?Shortly before the wedding, Isabella is cheating on her fiancé Vicente with an ex-boyfriend. Not that she wanted to return to past relationships, she herself could not explain this action, just before marriage she wants to have some naughty. The groom found his beloved in the arms of another, and unable to cope with emotions, shot Isabella.The guy was sentenced to seven long years. All these years, he deeply repented, it is very important to obtain the forgiveness of the bride's mother is Eliza, and she makes plans for revenge failed-in-law.Mauricio adores his wife Beatrice, she is a talented ballerina and can not imagine herself without dance. Antenor-a high-ranking corrupt, knocks Beatrice, and leaving her on the road, hiding. Mauricio, as you can, try to keep a bedridden wife. Unable to endure the pain, she begs her husband to help her escape from life. After serving the prescribed time for stop flour Beatriz, Mauricio released and sent to take revenge on the Antenor.

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