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The world is changing. The industrial revolution ensures that humanity evolved in leaps and bounds. Out of nowhere, is also gigantic monster surfaced that strikes randomly and terrorize the people: In addition to the invention of the steam engine, however, another event caused a sensation.    Once the mysterious creature has infected people, the victims turned into undead creatures, also known as Kabane. The only way to kill these creatures of darkness, is to rip out their hearts. The only problem is that that over vital organ is under a thick iron armor. Nevertheless, people have guided countless measures in ways to protect themselves against the daily threat.    So they build around on the island Hinomoto fortified stations that are only connected by a network of rails. Who wants to travel from one station to another must, to a so-called Hayajiro, a particularly armored steam locomotive issued. Just as the safe transport of people and goods is possible. Last but not least is located on the front of a huge steam locomotives plow, which removed any obstacles that come his way.    Center of the story of Kabaerni of Iron Forstress is Ikomai, a boy who is involved in the construction of Hayajiros. When they attacked one day by that monster and the entire staff turned into Kabane, threatens Ikomais life in danger. From the tough Mumei but he gets unexpected support.    Main characters of Kabaneri of Iron FortressIkomai (Tasuku Hatanaka) is still young and has not seen as much of the world. He lives on the Aragane station, where he works in a workshop, which is responsible for building the armored steam locomotive. Ikomai has considerable ingenuity and has developed a special weapon called Tsuranukizutsu.    Mumei (Sayaka Senbongi) emerged one day entirely unexpected in Ikomais life as a Hayajiro out of control and the workers turn into Kabane. Mumei discovered Ikomai who just wants to try out his new weapon. She then takes him under his arms before being also killed.

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