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Original Title: Kalkofes Mattscheibe
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: ProSieben,Premiere
Description: Until recently, the school "Folbruk" was no different from the rest: the same teachers, the same students the same educational program ... But suddenly the familiar school way of changing when it appears the threshold charismatic, charming and cheerful Mr. D. He - a new teacher who is ready to fudge can maintain a conversation with adults and children and is always ready to help his neighbor. Pupils are crazy about Mr. D, he's the only one who communicates with them on equal terms. Teachers not less enthusiastic - "brand new" breathed life into "Folbruk" returned the enthusiasm, positive charge. Mr. D suddenly become everyone's favorite, and the idol, and it seems that there is no man who would not beamed, met this teacher. However, even pet the school has a personal enemy - is Norman Warner, pedantic and boring pedant. He hates brand new and ready to go to great lengths to harm the protagonist. And there are several reasons: first, Warner seriously believes that Di is not working properly, and all his attempts to seem "cool", "boyfriend" - it's just a show off. And secondly, Norman has long harbored a plan for obtaining "Teacher of the Year" prestigious title and is not ready to say goodbye to the dream. But with the advent of a new teacher's chances Warner is rapidly melting. Deciding that this is Dee, must necessarily be an old wardrobe, and in it - a terrible skeleton, Norman begins spying on a competitor. Here are just a ranger unlucky and could not imagine what secret stores idol "Folbruka".

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