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A young man by the name of Cha do young in his early childhood he experienced severe psychological trauma, after which he started having problems in the nervous system. In addition, the situation was aggravated by the negative atmosphere in the family: the grandmother did not show any attention to her grandson, the mother was only concerned about his future career, and the cousin and uncle secretly built mischief to the detriment of Cha Do hen. But the saddest thing was that from his memory completely erased many memories, and gradually began to develop personality disorder. In his brain got along as much as seven different characters that the main character is not able to keep under proper control. Despite the fact that sometimes the behavior of the guy resembles the nonsense of a small and undeveloped child who likes to fool around and behave inappropriately, he is a talented writer who writes brilliant and very interesting detective stories.Meanwhile, the doctor from the local psychiatric clinic decides to deal with The problem of cha Do Hyun. The girl wants to engage in active treatment of the disorder of a young man and in the course of further developments, without noticing, falls in love with her abnormal patient. But to what kind of personality, which guy has seven pieces, he stretched the soul of the main character? Or has she been driven mad by their bewitching totality?

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