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Events fiction television series transport viewers to an imaginary universe called Quadras. There are about a dozen inhabited planets, each of which is controlled by the "Council of Nine" - the so-called group of the most notable politicians. They own many different organizations, including the "Company" - trade and military Corporation that affects the lives of ordinary citizens. It is noteworthy that the poor and the so – called middle class live on one planet, while the "powers that be" live on the other-more comfortable. The main characters of the series "Killjoy's" is a trio of mercenaries, who for a cash reward wander through the most remote areas of space, looking for criminals, fugitives, traitors and other people. In the last series they had to face a lot of dangerous tests, among which was a place and landing on a desert planet, and the hunt for mutants, and spectacular star battles. But this does not mean that now the heroes will be bored – the fate has prepared them a lot of surprises. The third season begins with the fact that the guys go on another trip. Dutch, d'avin, Pre, Fancie Lee and Elvis will storm the Hallen base. At this point, the characters suspect that johnny is one of the 437 agents…

Televison show Killjoys seasons available for download - 1,2,3,4,5,6

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