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Mathieu was kidnapped unexpectedly by unknown people. After a long showdown it turned out that they were Asian agents who acted on the inspiration of his ruler. Trying to understand that became the reason for which they decided to kidnap him, the man very long was in bewilderment and at all didn't know as to it to react to similar statements. The thing is that in this country there was a dictator who loved cinema very much, but he believed that his people do not know how to make films. It was for this purpose that Mathieu was brought, who, according to the ruler's plans, had to make several chic films for him.
One of those was a film based on the script written by the ruler. As planned, he had something to remind the film about king Kong. People never argue with their ruler, but because the filming began immediately. Only here it is necessary to say that the script is really amazing, so much so that the Director has no idea how to remove something appropriate on it. At the same time, the scene is a complete mess and how to cope with this situation, Mathieu can not even imagine. What is waiting for the famous Director in these parts, whether he really something worthwhile to achieve and how to react to all the ruler?

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