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  • Genres:
  • Drama
Each person has their own unique story of great love. Once Sevda shelter at home, Ali Hyuroglu. From that moment everything in the life of each of the characters change. The main character falls in love with his new friend, and he will reciprocate. sad story of the past remain behind each of the characters, which will be darkened before the happiness that awaits heroes in this. Ali in early childhood was all alone. He continues to struggle to survive in this dangerous and cruel world. In addition, the young man soon discovers that is simply genius and at the same time is able to see in the dark. Of course, after such a start to Ali interested representatives of special services, which will be useful for its magnificent and amazing abilities and skills. That guy is educated, and begins to understand the electronics among his business professionals. He'll make a fine agent. Soon, the young man finds the time and the opportunity to start a family. However, this idea turns into a tragedy when a man loses all those who truly love. Life with a clean slate brings the main character a girl named Sevda, which sheltered the unfortunate protagonist. She is suffering because of the constant harassment of people from the past. Soon Ali helps his new friend to become free and happy. But what will turn their history of relations? Great love? New disappointment? This is what we will soon find out. A parallel development of relations the main characters try to solve other problems: Ali is trying to find the missing brother, and Sevda trying to get rid of the obsessive attention to his admirer Uigar who is willing to do anything to win the heart unapproachable beauty.

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