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  • Genres:
  • Comedy
  • Romance
This drama, despite the fact that such a story have been used, still looks new and attractive. How many times have viewers seen stories about how the twins replace each other for some reason, as well as just"for fun"? Now they are not twin brothers, there are nine years of difference between them, but they look the same, and they are easy to confuse. It is this similarity that an older brother, who works as an Executive Director in a large company, once tries to take advantage of. He speaks with an unusual request to the younger to replace him at work for a while as he has some problems. Tom has to agree, and this leads to a lot of funny and awkward moments. A romantic note is made by one of the main characters – an employee who is in love with her boss. It has one feature: to drink her absolutely contraindicated, as it strongly untied tongue, and hands. The guy has to take the place of her lover, and he eventually learns a lot. He is a huge trouble to live a double life, because the school is required to attend regularly, and there he, too, has a certain relationship with classmates. But this situation eventually leads to the fact that it produces a more adult character that does not go unnoticed.

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