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Dark and criminal history, showing the wrong side of the cruelty of modern students. A young man named Joseph Raak constantly suffered bullying their classmates, and to expect help and support from anyone. At some point he is lucky, as one of his former offenders took pity on him. Kaspar Cordes decides to act in defiance of his cruel and inhuman comrades, so he takes the side of a defenseless and downtrodden schoolboy. But by doing so, the defender signed a humiliating sentence for himself, and now he's automatically ranked among the outcasts who deserve brutal torment. Kaspar and Josep are forcibly lured to a local empty beach, forcing them to have sexual contact with each other. To refuse was impossible, as the face loomed a sharp knife. Disgraced guys, which scoundrels filmed on an Amateur video camera, burned with shame, which, however, did not prevent them the next day to come to school with a firearm. Outcasts deal with their offenders, and then decide to commit suicide at the same time. But only one of them will fulfill the terms of a deadly deal... In the course of further developments will be shown the fate of students, as well as the consequences of the fatal shooting.

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