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The story of Knights of Sidonia begins with the young Nagate Tanikaze, who lives with his grandfather in a hiding place and spends most of his life to train in a simulator for a Guardian (one controlled by pilots fighting robots). As one day, however, the rice cracker, Nagate makes his way to get supplies or to steal.    He is, however, taken caught and imprisoned. A short time later, he learns that he is already his life not on earth but on a spaceship that has left the green planet a thousand years ago. The decisive factor was the invasion of alien Gauna, a hostile species.    Now there is the rest of humanity aboard Sidonia, a 28 kilometer long and seven kilometers wide spaceship that resembles an octagonal prism. Then falls Nagate a decision that will forever change his life: He wears a Guardian as a pilot to defend the last bastion of humanity against Gauna.    Main characters of Knights of Sidonia    Nagate Tanikaze spends his entire childhood and youth with his grandfather until he learns that he is on board the Sidonia. Since he has already gained a lot of experience in training, he decided to become a pilot of a Guardian battle robot.    Izana Shinatose is just like a Nagate Guardian pilot and has a very special property: Izana is neither female nor male. Instead Izana can consciously decide on their own sex and change this as needed.    Shizuka Hoshijiro belongs to the same pilot season as Nagate and Izana. She is secretly in love with Nagate, but comes in a struggle for life. Then her body is copied from Gauna and used against the people.    Yuhata Midorikawa has in its capacity as lieutenant of the Guardian pilots the final say on Nagate, Izana and Co. They, too, adores Nagate must, however, admit to the time that it wants nothing from her.    Tsumugi Shiraui is a chimera composed half of man and the other half from Gauna and therefore is the perfect weapon in the fight against the aliens. Tsumugi quickly makes friends with Nagate and Izana. (MH)

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