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  • Genres:
  • Drama
A Turkish drama about the life of two brothers who are completely different from each other but genuinely attached to their family, from Director Mehmet Ada Oztekin. Starring Kivanc Tatlitug, Hill Gulsoy.This story is as simple as life itself. Two brothers, whose names are translated as South (Guney) and North(Kuzey) so different in nature, that it is difficult to imagine, that on fact have them common parents and blood. The North is a reckless, scandalous and constantly involved in all fights adventurer who does not appreciate life and does not listen to anyone in the whole world. The South, on the contrary, very quiet, prefer reading books exciting entertainment. Meanwhile, the brothers are really close, they sincerely love and always try to support and help each other out of difficult situations. No matter what happens, one brother will always be helped by another. Probably, this life would have continued if the guys did not fall in love with the same girl, their neighbor and school friend, who assessed the situation and realized that marriage to the North can be dangerous, decided to give preference to the South. Quiet family life was preferable to her unpredictable existence on the powder keg. Parents approved of this choice, and it was already going to the wedding, but suddenly the future family was struck by misfortune – the South was in a car accident, and now he is promised to be sent to prison. Realizing that the weak and non-conflict brother simply will not survive in the harsh prison conditions, the North takes the blame and goes on stage. It ends with the fact that a broken and fierce man is no one needs to be free.

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