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The girl returns from Spain to her homeland, and on the one hand it seems that she came here to find her only man with whom she will spend her whole life. However, in fact, the girl has completely different plans because once upon a time here she was saved by a family of slaves. They kept her alive. However, the girl could not stay here any longer, because for a white girl to live in a black family is simply incomprehensible. But Victoria hasn't forgotten what these people did for her. And now she intends to return to fight for the rights of these people and help them to restore justice and finally to gain freedom. she understands that it will not be so easy to do, and it is unlikely that someone will want to just dismiss all their slaves. But the girl does not intend to give up and wants to fight for justice until the last. However, will she be able to help all those people whom she sometimes considers more human than white? Can she lead a revolt and free from all the oppression of the owners, who are sometimes very unfair to them and only mock them constantly? Will she cope with this task that she has set for herself and will she be able to find like-minded people or is she the only one who wants freedom for these people?

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