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Original Title: Lab Rats
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: Disney XD
Creators: Chris Petersen,Bryan Moore,Laura Lynn,Ron Rappaport,Greg A. Hampson,Tim Weber
Language: English
Description: Heroes of the new Comedy series From Los Angeles to Vegas download began the crew and passengers of the aircraft, weekly, committing only one flight from the city of angels" sin city" and back. The crew consists of losers of all stripes, passengers are often the same people who also can not be called lucky. On Friday they travel to Лас0Вегас hoping to find there luck Sunday return... most often with disappointment, not at the expense, however, desire a week later to tempt fate, which may have to have a trump card up his sleeve!The crew simply has no other choice, the pilots and the flight attendant just do their job, not being able or determined to change it to something more interesting. Stewardess Ronnie dreamed of traveling all her life, and therefore chose this profession, and — settled on this plane, making only one flight on the same route. She wants to go on international flights, but the girl has already developed a strong relationship with a colleague who keeps her from the final decision. The captain of the aircraft, Dave, is also dissatisfied with his work, but in order to change it, there is not enough determination. The same problems torment the rest of the pilots, as well as passengers who every week hope that in Las Vegas will happen something that will change their lives.

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