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British drama with elements of fantasy and incredibly exciting storyline immerses us in a wonderful world of adventure, passion and danger. The film was directed by Christopher Smith, and the main roles were played by John hurt, Tom Felton. In the South of France there are truly mystical events in which the past is closely intertwined with the present. A young archaeologist named Alice discovers the remains of an ancient labyrinth, the walls of which are covered with mysterious symbols and inscriptions. Trying to find answers, the girl turns to two people – Bishop Paul oti and the head of the ancient order of Marie. She still does not understand what mistake she is making, because these two are interested in solving no less than herself. That's just their goals are completely opposite. Marie wants to find the Holy Grail, promising immortality; and Paul, on the contrary, wants to destroy forever this"pagan artifacts". Our heroine also hopes to find a mystical thing for the sake of science and history, and therefore does not even suspect what all these people are capable of. In parallel, we reveal a completely different story. In the distant past, an oppressed Qatari tribe lived in these lands and was constantly attacked and persecuted. A young girl ailis, a local herbalist, by the will of fate becomes the guardian of ancient books, which describes the path through the maze, which is forced to flee from his native village, which is also almost destroyed by the followers of Catholics. She's pregnant, hiding in the maze, and trying to survive the cold walls, raising little daughter, whose father, as she thinks, were tragically killed in a recent skirmish.

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