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This film has a military theme. For many people in our time 1950-1953 years do not matter, but there are people for whom it was the worst time in their lives and they will never be able to forget it. They are residents of the Korean Peninsula. In honor of the sixtieth anniversary of the end of hostilities was filmed. Thus, now living have honored memory dead in those days.The plot tells the story of men and women who, by an unfavorable coincidence, became participants in this war. Their lives are filled with sorrow, pain, and sadness. They had to endure a lot and go through terrible events. One of the heroes of the series, the army officer of South Korea is forced to fight against not only the Northern part of the country, but against the beloved woman who is on the enemy side of the front. The second character is absolutely not created for warfare. He is kind and dreams of becoming a Comedy actor, but the villain-fate decreed otherwise, and he is forced to go to war. Another character is a Lieutenant who managed to survive the carnage. And a little boy who dreams of escaping the horror of war, but still sheds human blood on the battlefield.The series tells not only about the horrors of the war, but also about the crippled lives of its participants. Many people died because of the confrontation between the States, for which the soldiers were cannon fodder. This war was incredibly brutal and left a clear bloody trail.

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