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The main character of the series is a young man who considered himself crazy most of his life. In the last part, David was able to find out that the voices in his head are not signs of madness, and uniqueness. It turns out that the hero has amazing features! The guy met lenny Basker, which helped him to fully know all the abilities and learn to manage them. Now David easily penetrates into the consciousness of any person, can control his mind and body, as well as moving objects look and transmits thoughts at a distance. As a student of the school for mutants, David Legion starts a relationship with a mutant girl Sid Barrett, which turns into ashes everything he touches. Their relationship is given a lot of attention, which allows us to understand exactly how the destructive novel began. 2nd season is represented by ten series. The plot will focus on the confrontation with the king of shadows. The villain appears in the form of a yellow-eyed devil, then in the form of a mutant Amal Farrukh. The latter is obsessed with finding his true body, the reunion with which will revive his genetic abilities. To help Amalu will Oliver bird, which is now the resting place of the spirit of the king of shadows.

Televison show Legion seasons available for download - 1,2,3,4

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