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The plot of Lerchenberg is - as it already anticipates the title - in the Mainz neighborhood Lerchenberg settled. Here is the broadcast center of the ZDF and here also works Sybille Zarg, which is simply called by most of their colleagues just Billie. As an editor is responsible for designing new productions and innovative formats for the German TV station.    In addition, it is about to implement its own film project. Annoyingly, it has its Pre-Sets, Dr. Elisabeth Wolter, changed his mind at the last moment and transmits Billies task of a young volunteer. Billie frustrated trying to fight against the disappointment and to devote themselves to their new commitment to the ZDF.    Not least, they should have the former series star Sascha Hehn, who now is in financial distress and has long passed the peak of his career, helping to a comeback that has washed himself. But Billie has no idea how she strives to achieve this impossible task into action - not to mention the fact that they can not stand Sascha Hehn.    Main Characters from Lerchenberg    Sybille Zarg (EVA LÖBAU) nicknamed Billie and works as an editor at ZDF. She is young and trying to establish itself in the German TV landscape. But just seems like success within reach, they will be instructed by their superiors in order to save Sascha Hehn career. A thankless task that will take care of Billie as soon as possible.    Sascha Hehn (Sascha Hehn) has made the ZDF career, but is now one despite considerable success the kind of actors who have long since passed its peak. Sascha struggling with financial problems and an image that threatens to lose every day a new piece of its former glory. Sasha still does not think of the well-deserved retirement: A comeback is needed.    Dr. Elisabeth Wolter (Karin Giegerich) is Billies supervisors and has already spent many years in the rooms of ZDF. The Lerchenberg is virtually become their second home and no one can fool you something, when it comes to the coordination of public television. At the end of the day, but Elizabeth must also meet a quota and sees itself as forced to reactivate Sascha Hehn again. (MH)

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