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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
In the recent past, Martin Riggs had a terrible tragedy: in a car accident killed his pregnant wife. Despite the horror, the main character of the series "Deadly weapon" managed to keep his composure. However, the man could not stay in his hometown, so at the beginning of last season moved to Los Angeles. Most of his life Martin worked as a police officer, so he is transferred to the local police station and becomes a partner of Roger Merto – 50-year-old detective who is trying to protect himself from excessively dangerous investigations. Recently, Merto had a heart attack, so stress is contraindicated. But in the first series of the last part it became clear that Riggs and stress are inseparable. And given the fact that now men will work together, it is easy to understand that they will get into trouble together. What only is worth their familiarity, shortly before which Martin managed to cope alone with three armed robbers and blow up the Bank building! In the first episode of the 2nd season, the heroes will face another difficult test: they will capture the drug Lord and decide to hand him over to the us authorities alive. Will it be possible for the partners to carry out their plan?

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