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  • Crime
The German crime series last track Berlin (formerly The last track) is located in amongst the local capital and revolves around a unit of the Berlin BKA, ie those missing body that is responsible to make research about the fate of missing persons. The LKA team, which is located at the center of events, is made up of Oliver Radek, Mina Amiri and Sandra tear.    They all carry the status of a Detective Chief Commissioner or a Detective Chief Commissioner. Together the trio triggers exciting events in the Berlin area. Most importantly, is that the investigators dealing with the lives of missing people - the only way to establish whether each missing person has been abducted or has perhaps taken to their heels on their own initiative. Later, the LKA Team Daniel Prince, a former friend of Sandra, is supported.    Main Characters from last track Berlin    Oliver Radek (Hans Werner Meyer) is a detective chief superintendent of the Missing Dezernats in Berlin. Together with Mina and Sandra he belongs to the leading head of a BKA unit that specializes in finding missing persons.    Mina Amiri (Jasmin Tabatabai) is a Detective Chief Commissioner and works as well as her colleague Oliver for the Berlin BKA. Mina is a quick-witted woman, already gained a lot of experience in their profession.    Sandra tear (Susanne Bormann) is a Detective Commissioner and completes the original trio of BKA unit, further composed of Oliver and Mina. Sandra is the former girlfriend of Daniel.    Daniel Prince (Florian Panzner) is a detective chief and ex-friend of Sandra. Although there is between the two still unresolved tensions, he encounters in the course of action for BKA team to do so.    Caro Haffner (Julia Thurnau) is a detective Commissioner and supplemented from the third season of Last Pass Berlin LKA the team that determined around the Spree. (MH)