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Long ago, about thirty years ago, scientists thought that there are in the world are absolutely sterile place where no living being can not survive, but now we all know that there are organisms that can adapt to any, even the most severe environmental conditions. These beings were called "Extremophiles". The creators of this film follows several research groups that are sent to remote places of the earth, such as the lake of Senegal, France, Tanzania and the United States, as well as the hot springs of New Zealand and Yeloustouna. But on this journey will not end. We have an opportunity, together with the brave heroes descend into the deep caves of Romania, Mexico and Slovenia. The series is devoted entirely extremophiles that hit us with their vitality and live in the most extreme conditions. No other body is not able to reach here a long time, and these - lead a normal life. Sit poodobnee and see this remarkable documentary series.

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