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Popular documentary television series" BBC. Life on Earth" carries its plot to the very beginning of the universe. The viewer is given an exceptional opportunity to trace the history of the life process on the planet Earth, the duration of which is 3.5 billion years, and to witness the development, evolution and interaction of all living organisms.David Attenborough managed to create the most detailed documentary project among other existing films about nature. It was recognized as such the film, at the time of its premiere in the UK, among similar non-fiction paintings about the original nature. The film crew, in search of rare material, worked in the natural habitats of living beings, passing more than a hundred areas of self-distribution of flora and fauna. Part of the filming took place under water, and the Attenborough team followed the wild animals and observed the life of the primordial world, and the growth of bacteria, spores and cells was captured in the process of natural functioning.

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