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Air force TV company through the mouth of the famous host David Attenborough invites the viewer to go on an exciting journey, during which he will introduce us to different species of animals. Nature, creating the animal world, made sure that the living beings left a trail. At each stage of life, animals face many obstacles, but they are ingeniously fighting, and make efforts to get a decent life partner.The reproductive instinct is the strongest, the animals looking for a mate to pass on to posterity all of the genetic baggage accumulated over the millennia – is a direct path to immortality. But not to produce babies into the light, it is important that they are viable, and I managed to get handed the baton to the parents. With each new generation begins a new stage of the journey through life, it is a great story, it has no end.Amazing, amazing footage of hummingbirds hunting for sweet nectar. Did you know that the flounder, despite its apparent clumsiness, is on an equal footing in the fight against the octopus? The strategy of a Cheetah hunting for a Gazelle is amazing, the fastest mammal in the world is endowed with enormous mental abilities. Look with the children, the wisdom of nature is worthy of close attention.

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