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  • Drama
British mystical drama, shrouded in a kind of atmosphere that literally seeps through the screens, from Director Damon Thomas. Starring Dakota blue Richards, Alexander As.Mysticism for many centuries is closely intertwined with the daily life of every person. Someone believes that next to us there is another, invisible world to the eye, someone is skeptical about all sorts of manifestations, and even if fate confronts him with something otherworldly, shrugs off and prefers to forget about it. And in old England, it seems, all have long been accustomed to the old castles and abandoned farms, which are found most real ghosts. This story is just about one such mysterious and tragic event, after which another lost soul forever settled in another old mansion on the outskirts of the city. Within the huge farm in Suffolk seventeen-year-old girl died in agony at the hands of his tormentor. She shouted and called for help, but all the inhabitants of the house preferred to pretend that they hear nothing and live on. The three families, bound together by a terrible mystery of a long-standing tragedy, continued to live and work and pretend that nothing had happened. And everything seems to be gradually forgotten as the years passed, and the memory of the descendants of the erased even the appearance of the girl, not to mention the tragedy. However, after seventy years on the lands of the County returned a descendant of the man poor Louise tenderly and dearly loved. Now the awakened Ghost has felt a new extraordinary power and, it seems, is not going to forgive people for his death.

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