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  • Genres:
  • Drama
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Action The action Linden Street series consists of the representation of everyday life of the residents of a street of houses. The Allerweltsname Lindenstraße shows that the action throughout    Germany could play either way similar. The representation of the different problems, ups and downs of individual families took the road over the years the character of a Biogaphie. In this sense, one can accompany life of an actor over the years through literally, about watching a child while growing up. The families all come from a bourgeois middle class. Find expression in addition to their everyday concerns and problems in the larger, current social context. Always the social context is respected and observed in a series of several families. Almost always, the game day one Thursday. But there are also so-called holiday episodes that refer to the appropriate parties respect.    The series characterize the family Beimer Schiller, Beimer Ziegler and Zenker, in which children live. There live in Linden Street but also couples without children as well as residential communities. Additional components of the road Kosmos are a medical practice of Dr. Ernesto Stadler, the Greek restaurant & # 8220; & # 8221 Acropolis; and the & # 8220; & # 8221 ;. Bayer Cafe Mary Gordon runs a travel agency with Erich Schiller, other residents also operate various retailers. In addition to a performer core an almost uncountable number of actors in the series history occur at certain intervals and again.    The characteristic of the series are the long storylines and dramatic arcs, to be negotiated in some cases for years. Something piece by piece impending marriage crises are clear as with married couples Schildknecht, Beimer and Sperling. Just as the young generation problems getting their place, as there would be heartbreak, sexuality, eating disorders and drugs. In particular, the reference to West German reality always plays a role. Current topics of conversation, such as elections, emancipation of women and homosexuals or medical achievements are built in accordance with time. Similarly, the political commitment of many residents is shown, everything always with real respect.    Not infrequently, were, if possible, scenes reshot daily basis, such as major political changes or major disasters.    background    The series is considered the first German-language realization of the American concept of the soap opera. The first episode was broadcast on 08 December 1985th Since every week the 1000th followed a consequence, on January 30, 2005. Regular time slot is since March 13, 2005 on Sundays at 18:50 on ARD. With over 1250 episodes (end of 2009) and its uninterrupted transmission period of over 25 years, the series Lindenstraße the most successful German television.    the series concept by Hans W. Geissendörfer, which initially also directed was invented. His production company "Geißendörfer film and television production GmbH (GFF)" produces the series to date. The direction changes since at certain intervals.    The series was not divided into seasons. Each episode ends with a cliffhanger, which is the reference for subsequent episode. The actions are rotated in Munich studio, all to be seen street facades are empty scenes.    Main characters (selection) During the past 24 years have helped countless actors on Linden Street. The most important are:    Joachim Hermann Luger as Hans Beimer    Marie-Luise Marjan as Mary Gordon born, Wittich    Moritz A. Sachs Klaus Beimer    Andrea Spatzek as Gabriele & # 8220; Gabi & # 8221; born Zenker, Skabowski    Ludwig Haas as Dr. Ludwig Dressler    Sybille Waury as Tanja Schildknecht-Dressler    Georg Uecker as Dr. Carsten Flöter    Knut Hinz as Hans-Joachim & # 8220; Hajo & # 8221; Scholz    Hermes Hodolides as Vasily Sarikakis    Annemarie Wendl Else Kling as    Trivia    In Linden Street could see a same-sex kiss for the first time on German television.    Shortly after his breakthrough in the cinema, the hitherto largely unknown series actor Til Schweiger from the plot let out writing again.    The title of the episode appears in the opening credits in German, including two in changing other languages.    1989 Linde Road was awarded the Bambi for the & # 8220; realistic representation of German everyday life & # 8221;    1998 followed the Golden Camera as the most successful German TV series    2001 Adolf Grimme Prize in Gold    Additional information    Lindenstraße & # 8211; official page