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Humility is one of the rarest properties of human nature, but young girl Amy has not lost her temper, even after spending most of her life in prison. Here she grew up and became a full-fledged personality, realizing the value of life. The main character was willing to work for a piece of bread and a roof over her head, she was not looking for wealth and did not try to ruin other people's lives and sacrifice them to their own ambitions.She is the daughter of a long-bankrupt entrepreneur William Doritt, who tried to do everything so that his family did not need anything. The destiny deprived the man not only means of livelihood, but also loved and native people, however even it couldn't break a support under feet of the girl confident. Amy knew that in life nothing lasts forever, and the black bars required to give way to white. Just a willingness to change and allowed her to easily take unexpectedly fallen on the head of wealth. Most often, we can not properly dispose of large sums, but the girl showed real resourcefulness and ingenuity.The presented film on the example of the main character can teach each of us the faith in ourselves, in our own strength and in the truth. If we keep our human form even in the most difficult situations, this sacrifice will be made up with the thorium.

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