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During the American Civil war, it was not easy for ordinary people. Women at that time could not get an education, and therefore having lost their breadwinners, they tried to survive as they could. At the same time, Louise sent her husband to the front, and she remained to raise four daughters, which was not an easy task. They try to do everything so that they always have food on the table, and for the holidays to share food with neighbors. In return, they are rewarded by the attention of the male population. Some of the kids continued to stay in the province and to say to girls was very jealous of them to the others, if they paid attention not to them. because of this situation, everyone has to experience a variety of intrigues. A lot of people have to deal with betrayal. And all this time we have to worry about the fact that at any moment can be close to the enemy. The war did not spare anyone and everyone always had a variety of problems because of all these incredible events. But the girls tried not to lose heart, looking for love, tried to show themselves, helped the needy and did not even forget to visit relatives, although it was not safe. But what really will have to go to the sisters and the end of their amazing story and all attempts to find happiness?

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