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After the brutal murder of her father, three siblings Tyler, Kinsey and Bode Locke draw with her mother in the gloomy estate Keyhouse in Lovecraft, Massachusetts. There, the children discover a mysterious key that give them supernatural abilities. But a cruel demon has it in for the keys. This will stop at nothing to achieve this.    Main characters of Locke & KeyTyler Locke (Connor Jessup) is the older brother of Kinsey and Bode. He tries to be in the house and to protect his family since his father's death the man. But Tyler has a deep trauma was forced to watch the murder of his father since he.    Kinsey Locke (Emilia Jones) is accompanied by fear and grief since the death of her father. By a magic key she wants to wipe out their negative emotions, because she is tired of being afraid.    Bode Locke (Jackson Robert Scott) is the youngest Locke rung. He first discovered the skills of magic key. His siblings do not want to believe that he can buzz as a ghost through the house to him at first. Bode makes friends with a mysterious woman who lives in a well.    Background & about Locke & KeyDie film adaptation of Joe Hills graphic novel has a long history behind it. For the first time Locke & Key should be implemented as standard on the FOX network. A written by Josh Friedman television pilot was produced in 2010, inter alia, in the Mark Pellegrino, Miranda Otto, Jesse McCartney and Sarah Bolger were seen. After the series was not ordered, the pilot on the San Diego Comic Con 2011 was shown.    2014 it was announced that Locke & Key will be implemented as a film trilogy. Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci should produce. 2017 ordered Hulu finally a pilot episode for a potential series adaptation. Joe Hill and Carlton Cuse developed the script for the pilot, which was directed by Es-director Andy Muschietti.    After Hulu to decided not to order series, the project shifted to Netflix. The streaming provider finally ordered a complete season in July 2018th The already turned Hulu pilot is not used for this. (MW)

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