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The creators of the television series claim that the project is based on real events and people, and is a film adaptation of the cult podcast. Throughout history, folklore has absorbed our fears. The viewer will see six chilling stories. The most terrible and terrible stories actually happen. Almost every legend is a real case that in the future, thanks to human imagination and gossip, has found a phantasmagoric shape grown a variety of monstrous details and frightening detail. So there are legends and stories that are passed from mouth to mouth. Vampires, buried alive people, demon-possessed characters, crazy doctors, werewolves, maniacs-killers – behind all this is an event that once shocked contemporaries and became a truly cult. The project offers the viewer to get acquainted with his view on certain vicissitudes, which became the starting point for the creation of a cult legend, in which many impressionable individuals believe to this day. And it does not matter whether you believe or not in the truth of what is happening. All this is a product of our culture, which could not appear out of the blue…

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