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Dorothy Gale lived in Kansas. A charming twelve-year-old girl loved to make all sorts of interesting things with her own hands. Once a clever student so carried away work on his next invention that was late for the school bus. Left alone at home, the mischievous accidentally found a strange book with empty pages under the creaking floorboard. However, it cost the girl to touch the cover and read aloud appeared on a blank sheet, the word "forward" as the room lit up with green light. The town was suddenly struck by a terrible hurricane, and the house belonging to the family Dorothy, suddenly broke away from the ground and soared into the sky. Picked up by the wind structure in a few minutes landed in an unfamiliar place. So the poor thing with his beloved dog Toto was in the emerald city. Acquainted with the local inhabitants, the heroine of the animated series "lost in the land of Oz" learned that it will be quite difficult to return home, as the fairy-tale state is covered by a magical crisis. Evil sorcerer Fitz and his faithful servants, winged Monkeys, seized power, turning all wizards into stone statues…

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