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Two sisters could not imagine a day without each other. Always on life together, in joy and sadness, they were inseparable. They had to go through a lot, see a lot, overcome a lot. Even when Valerie and Melissa were in other cities, they were still connected by an invisible thread. They felt the mood of each other, I was sad one sister, the other was not feeling well. But they rejoiced, too, in the place, so much so that in the morning the head was spinning. Their misfortune caught them by surprise. Mel and Valerie late night driving in my car, chatted, joked, reminisced of past adventures were fun and carefree. But suddenly a very bright light blinds their eyes. Who stopped the girls from moving on? In a fantasy horror movie Lost time (2014) talks about the mysterious alien abduction of a girl named Melissa. Giving the brakes and turning the steering wheel, they abruptly stopped the car. The girls were in a stupor, the light continued to eat away the eyes and time seems to have stopped. How long it lasted, a moment or an eternity, no one knew. But when Valerie woke up, she realized that the world had come down from the sky and that her sister was gone. Mutants, aliens? Who was that? Who will answer? It seemed that a little more, and Valerie would go crazy. For help, she turns to the writer, who in his books describes such missing people. Is he a fighter against evil, for whom he pretends to be? What horrors they will have to face together, and what Valerie will need to go through to get her back, the viewer will see by looking online for free in good quality Thriller Lost time, which was released in 2014.

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