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Causing yourself harm and pain is incredibly easy, but living is a real challenge...At the epicenter of the show was the main character named Sam Loudermilk. The middle-aged man was an alcoholic for a long time, but then managed to pass a special program and managed to quit drinking. Now he is recovering and simultaneously works as a consultant who helps people to get rid of various addictions: first of all, to fight alcoholism and drug addiction. He knows better than anyone what these people are going through and what they feel. But if you think he's full of compassion and empathy, you're wrong! Loudermilk – rude, intolerant type, who daily irritates everyone says what he thinks, and not really considered other people's feelings. He has his own, special technique, how to work with addicts. Sam realized that to quit a bad habit – it's easy enough, but to collect his life in parts, when it turned into a mess-that this may already be a difficult task. People turn to him for help, who realized that they are not able to help themselves or loved ones. And then comes into play our hero, but his character to make the forces not everyone...

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