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The main character of the presented romantic drama is a girl who lives in Korea during the reign of the Joseon dynasty. Hong RA-he considers himself a real genius in the field of relations between men and women, the girl always gives advice to all others in terms of how best to act in a particular delicate situation. But the main character will fall into very difficult circumstances, where it will be necessary to make responsible decisions in the near future.Under the guise of an ordinary eunuch, hon enters the Imperial Palace, where the same people with simple, low-lying desires live. Thanks to the innate skill to quickly find a common language with any person, the main character easily becomes a friend for crown Prince Saj and gives effective advice to monarchs who want to get the location of objects of adoration. But over time, between the Prince and the"eunuch" arise more than friendly relations. On the way to true happiness lovers will have to go through many trials and social misunderstanding, because the ruling dynasty can not accept the fact that Saja decided to link the fate of a commoner, who, among other things, pretended to be a man.Will the characters be able to become truly happy in the arms of the beloved? What other misadventures await the heroes on the way to the goal?

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