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Gan UK-not too diligent high school student, he is not puzzled by the search for the meaning of life, but it is considered the first handsome school and unprecedented daredevil. The guy meets with Cha Gen and is quite happy with life. Yul Chu-a young teacher focused on his career and a love relationship with the police. Yul Chu teaches in the class where Gan UK studies, unconsciously they reach out to each other, gradually realizing that it is vital for them to see each other every day. She is suffering not fully understood disease – narcolepsy, when the person can not control your sleep and can suddenly fall asleep at work, in transport, carrying out important assignments. Once Yul Chu directly during the lesson takes the life of one of his disciples, and when he awoke, he remembers nothing and is not able to give an explanation of his actions.Saving his beloved, the guy takes the blame and gets a term. All five years it's waiting for Cha-Kyung, and the teacher is going to marry your policeman. Meeting views for a few moments, the characters realize their feelings have not cooled, and subsided only for a while. The liberation of Gan Uka saved them from the fatal mistake they were about to make by giving up their happiness.

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