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  • Genres:
  • Comedy
  • Romance
Guo Hye rim is a young owner of a cozy cafe, as well as a well-known fortune teller in Seoul, which grateful customers know under the pseudonym of Madame Antoine. People who come to her reception and astonishingly accurate predictions, our heroine says convincingly that their incredible ability she received through regular communication with the spirit of Marie Antoinette, with whom the girl has established an unusually strong spiritual connection. But in fact, He rim has never had any psychic talents, she is just damn observant and knows how to link all his observations in a complete logical chain, which is then presented to customers in the form of a wonderful prediction.Young guy Choi su Hyun is a talented psychoanalyst specializing in women's psychology, who is known among Hollywood stars as"doctor treating wounds".Studying the behavior of girls during the first experiment, he comes to a disappointing conclusion that the weaker sex is absolutely not able to love spiritually, and all the girls to awaken this feeling need some material motives. To finally make sure of this, the young scientist decides to conduct another experiment, which gets our heroine, secretly dreaming of a big and bright love.

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