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Magda (Verena Altenberger) is a geriatric nurse from Poland, who lives in Germany and has just become unemployed again. By chance she appoints more or less self to the new keeper of the invalid, but very vicious granny Waltraud, who lives in the house of Holt Kamps family in Berlin. Which is completely overwhelmed with the daily demands of the needy and harsh old lady and so is Magda's help as called. But in the home Holte Kamp collide different characters and worldviews.    Main characters of Magda does it matter! Magda Wrozniak (Verena Altenberger) is a lively young woman who longs for a better life and therefore leave their native Poland. She has any problem at least three solutions ready and met people and things over with a lot of spontaneity.    granny Waltraud    (Hedi Kriegeskotte) is confined to bed. It is anything but a loving old lady, but can be quite beastly. Her own family do not really know how to do it the Kratzbürste right.    Cornelia Holtkamp (Brigitte toe) is the perfectionist hostess and mother of the teenage daughter Leah (Charlotte Krause) and her younger brother Luca (Luis Cain). She's always trying to do everything right, and expects the same of all, but often she is overwhelmed.    Tobias Holtkamp (Matthias Come), head of the wealthy Holte Kamps, however, is deeply relaxed. As soon nothing and no one takes him out of the rest. (JB)

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