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Original Title: Magnum, P.I.
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: CBS
Creators: Glen A. Larson,Donald P. Bellisario
Language: English
Description: Magnum-a private detective who at one time returned with friends from Afghanistan, where they stayed longer than planned and now intends to make every effort to ensure that send to jail as many criminals. Only now it is not so easy for the guys to deal with everything that is happening in Hawaii, because there are many visitors who just did taking the opportunity and decided to do quite a few things, well, or local people use the fact that many have lost vigilance and now no one will guess that they are behind everything. Whatever it was, and the comrades are already getting down to business. They intend to deal with everything that happens in their hometown. In addition, more recently, they are faced with the fact that their past has become increasingly aware of themselves and if they want everything to go according to plan they need to solve along the way and all their problems associated with their past. They believe that they will be able to have time to deal with everything in time. Only while they plan to sort things out as soon as possible, their enemy is not asleep and is already preparing for the guys a new trap, wanting to lure them into a trap. What actually will wait ahead of companions and how they will deal with everything that will only happen to them?

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