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Historical Indian television film based on real events that took place 5,000 years ago, and based on the eponymous ancient epic. History, lasting for many episodes of the first season, tells the story of a great Royal dynasty of the Kurus belong to two warring family clans: the pandawa and Koirala. Pandava-valiant, bright, honest and strong people with a divine and noble beginning, bearing virtue in the world around us, while the second kind represents the world's evil, greed and cruelty, meanness, greed, envy and desire to bring chaos and destruction everywhere. They fight for power and domination over the Kingdom, as almost all representatives have a full right to inherit the throne. In the end, the king becomes the most prudent and the wisest young man Udhishthir (the eldest of the family of the Pandavas). After that, on the initiative of the Kuaravas who were in rage and anger, a large - scale and blind battle for the main capital of the Indian Kingdom, Hastinapur, erupted. The methods of struggle of two very different genera, called feature relations and education within genera, besides the huge and not always positive impact comes from the side, and thereby further exacerbated by inter-clan hatred.A beautiful musical film that teaches to distinguish between good and evil and calls to rethink their behavior and thoughts, takes the viewer into the mythical magic c demigods, princesses, Queens and an abundance of gold treasures.

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